Bd ™ | Hd ™

Pads made of high grade low compressibility cork composition, very low sticky adhesive “low-tack” one base laminated. Removable.
Pourposes: protection in the transportation of glass insulating units and glass surface panels.

type code size pcs/carton
Bd TSLD169101030 10x10x3mm 120.000
Bd TSLD169151530 15x15x3mm 53.280
Bd TSLD169202030 20x20x3mm 30.000
Bd TSLD169202040 20x20x4mm 22.500
type code size pcs/carton
Hd TSHD229151520 15x15x2mm 79.920
Hd TSHD229202020 20x20x2mm 45.000
Hd TSHD229303020 30x30x2mm 19.968
Hd TSHD229101030 10x10x3mm 120.000
Hd TSHD229151530 15x15x3mm 53.280
Hd TSHD229202030 20x20x3mm 30.000
Hd TSHD229202040 20x20x4mm 22.500